Write English composition should be notice.

  1. Organize your thoughts before writing: brainstorm、make an outline、ect.
  2. Write clearly. Be concise. Avoid wordiness.
  3. Use good grammar and write complete sentences.
  4. Write simple sentences. Avoid a fancy style.
  5. Avoid slang、cliche and informal words.
  6. Avoid use of the first person(i.e. I/me/my) unless necessary to specific piece.
  7. Writing naturally. Reading it aloud. Does it sound natural? Does it flow?
  8. Move logically from one idea to the next. Don't skip steps.


Introduction of flameout protector

The purpose of flameout protector: When we use the cook top, the fire may be extinct because of the wind or overflowing water. In this case, the protector may cut off gas to prevent some accidents happening because of its leakage, such as poisoning, explosion or fire. In this way, it realizes its safety protection function.
Working sketch-map of flameout protector
The first step: Piezoelectricity.

The second step: Valve-open condition.
The top of the thermocouple is heated by fire, and it causes thermo electromotive force. Then it will be in series between the closed circuit and the valve. Outside force and the magnetic field breathe the valve and keep it open, and the gas channel is open.
The third step: Cut off gas in sudden flameout condition.
When the fire is extinct because of wind or overflowing water, the thermo electromotive potential will minish quickly, and the ferrite core will come back to its original place to cut off the gas because of the loss of the spring effect.
1. Thermocouple
1) There mustn’t be any damage or peeling off for the cover of insulation wire or insulation sleeve, otherwise it will cause short circuit, which will influence the normal operation of the valve.
2) The fix-up of the thermocouple must dissipate heat to reduce the heat accumulation of fixing board and thermocouple copper. This can shorten the valve-closing time when there is sudden flameout.
3) The heated part of a thermocouple must be on the top of 2-3mm. Not to put the top into the fire, otherwise it may reduce the potential and shorten its life.

2. Solenoid valve
1) Prevent the valve from being strongly striken in the process of installation and shipment, otherwise it may influence its normal performance.
2) Before installation, the user must check the valve flatly on the test clamps with some prepressing. It is not allowed to be freely-flip. This assures that magnetic material won’t be damaged by colliding, otherwise it will influence the magnetic force.
3) Clean the impurity such as aluminum or oil left on the inner wall of the stove and the surface of the valve.
4) Keep the good connection of the solenoid valve and thermocouple. Prevent the safety protection device from operating abnormally because of too big contact resistance.
5) The warehouse of solenoid valves must be dry and ventilated and strictly prohibit extrusion.


Electronic Commerce

Over the thousands of years that people have engaged in commerce with one another, they have adopted the tools and technologies that became available. For example, the advent of sailing ships in ancient times opened new avenues of trade to buyers and sellers. More recent innovations, such as the printing press, the steam engine, and the telephone, have each changed the way in which people conducted commerce activities.
For decades, firms have used various electronic communications tools to conduct different kind of business transactions. Banks have used EFTs to move customers’ money around the world, all kinds of businesses have used EDI to place orders and send invoices, and retailers have used television advertising to generate telephone orders from the general public for all kinds of merchandise.



The more I study, the more I know.
The more I know, the more I remember.
The more I remember, the more I forget.
The more I forget, the less I remember.
The less I remember, the less I know.
The less I know, the less I study.
Why I study?


Can you know this answer?

I Q Question
(a) Davie and Rose are die in a room.
The windows are open, on the floor there are broken glass and some water.
How did they die?

(b)Which is taller the car or the train?
(c)Police office has a brother, but the brother doesn’t have a brother.
(d)In your breakfast, what to drink you can’t have?
(e)What do you call a deer without eyes.


Have a good time in Chimelong paradise

First, let me show you some beautiful pictures!
This is the gate of Chimelong paradise.

There is full of smog when we saw the act! It is very astoundment.

The oil is on the ocean, this scene strike my heart.


Prevent computer eyestrain

Sit at least 20 inches away from the screen, and place it at or slightly below your eye level.
From the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, focus on something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.
Post a reminder near your screen that says “ BLINK”. Research shows we blink far less often when staring at a computer and that is a major contributor to eyestrain.

Car survey

Thursday, April 19, 2007 Fine
This day, we do the survey by a car factory about people’s preference for colors when choosing a car in Longjing. There will show the chart as following and do the analyze.
The bar chart shows a recent survey. Of the five colours available in the car market, grey is the most popular, which has taken up 30 percent of the number of car purchasers/buyers in the city. On the contrary, only 5percent of the buyers, which is the lowest percentage, would like to choose red colour for their cars. Next to grey, the most popular colour, black and white share a close popularity with a percentage of 25. as far as blue is concerned, it ranks the third in the market popularity, that is, 15 percentage of the customers have a preference for it, although not so well-received as grey, black or white. All in all, colour preference plays a considerably important role in the sales of cars.

BB pictures

Do you love me ? I likes as a sweet potato, often smiles in anytime.

Look! Do you know what I am thinking?


Methods suggested to learn English

The first tip is to speak English without fear.
The biggest problem most people face in learning a new language is their own fear. They worry that they won't say things correctly or that they will look stupid so they don't talk at all. Don't do this. The fastest way to learn anything is to do it--again and again until you get it right. Like anything, learning English requires practice. Don't let a little fear stop you from getting what you want.
The second tip is to use all of your resources.
Even if you study English at a language school it doesn't mean you can't learn outside of class. Using as many different sources, methods and tools as possible, will allow you to learn faster. There are many different ways you can improve your English, so don't limit yourself t only one or two.The interest is a fantastic resource of virtually anything, but for the language learner it's perfect.
The third tip is to surround yourself with English.
The absolute best way to learn English is to surround yourself with it. Take notes in English, put English books around your room, listen to English language radio brodcasts, watch English news, movies and television. Speak English with your friends whenever you can. The more English material that you have around you, the faster you will learn and the more likely it is that you will begin " thinking in English".
The fourth tip is to listen to native speakers as much as possible.
There are some good English teacheres that have had to learn English as a second language before they could teach it. However are several reasons why many of the best schools prefer to hire native English speakers. One of the reasons is that native speakers have a natural flow to their speeh that students of English should try to imitate. The closer ESL/EFL students can get to this rhythm or flow, the more convincing and comfortable they will become.
Our school websit: http://www.sdpt.com.cn
The fifth tip is to watch English films and TV.
This is not only a fun way to learn but it is also very effective. By watching English films (especially those with English subtitles you can expand your vocabulary and hear the flow of speed from the action. If you listen to the news you can also hear different accents.
The sixth tip is to listens to English music.
Music can be a very effective method of learning English.
The seventh tip is to study as often as possible.
Only by studying things like grammar and vocabulary and doing exercises, can you really improve your knowledge of any language.
The eighth is to do exercises and take tests.
Many people think that exercises and tests aren't much fun. However, by completing exercises and talking tests you can really improve your English.
The ninth is to record yourself.
Nobody likes to hear their own voice on tape but like tests, it is good to cpmpare your tapes from time to time. You may be so impressed with the progress you are making that you may not mind the sound of your voice as much.
The tenth is to listen to English.
By this, we mean, speak on the phone or listen to radio broadcasts, audiobooks or CDs in English. This is different than watching the television or films because you can't see the person that is speaking to you. Many learners of English say that speaking on the phone is one of the most difficult things that they do and the only way to improve is to practice.
Finally, have fun.
As the saying goes, Internet is the best teacher! So you must love English if you want to learn English well.


How to make a cheese and salad sandwich

It is simple and easy to make a cheese and salad sandwich. First, go to the supermarket and buy all the necessary ingredients, such as bread, butter, cheese and salad vegetable like lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. Then take them home and unpack them in the kitchen. You are now ready to make your sandwich.
First, butter one slice of bread. Then cut the cheese into slices and put them onto the buttered slice of bread. Next, wash the salad vegetables and cut the tomato and cucumber into thin slices. Place them on top of the cheese together with a few lettuce leaves.
Finally, place a second slice of bread over the top and cut your sandwich into two halves to from triangles. Your sandwich is ready to eat.


It is very important to understand each others’ culture when doing business in order to avoid misunderstandings, and therefore potential problems. For example, if you were to give a potential Chinese partner a clock as a gift, you could cause great offense, as clocks represent death in Chinese culture. This may be taken as being such a bad omen, that the recipient of your gift may even end the business relationship immediately.
However, if you were to give a potential Chinese partner a cigarette or china as a gift, you could obtain great result, because cigarette or china represents rich and dignity in Chinese culture. This may be taken as being such a good omen, that the recipient of your gift may continue the business.
All in all, we can’t judge good or bad about the countries’ culture and taboo. But it is important that understand the culture which you do the business with the foreigners.


Safe is the most important thing in our life

Last Friday, I went to pick up my youngest sister from the primary school on. I found out a important thing beside the junior high school there is a primary school. The gates of the two schools face the main road----Fenghua Road. In rush hour, there are many cars, buses and bikes. The students have to cross the road to school. Groups of people often thread their way through the moving cars and buses. What a danger thing it is! Some pupils are too young to go to school by themselves. So many parents have to go along with them to make sure that their children are safe. Such as,my youngest sister. I must go there to pick her up. Therefore, this makes the street more crowds. Many of people suggest the government makes some measures. About five days later, I found out the situation was change a lot. There are some staffs to control the traffic. It is known that, the primary school will be move to other place, in case the safety. For me, the government does the good job in the area in this time, if the government put this idea into practice, everybody will be very happy. Service should be improved at different time.


A story

It is a true story. What a painful family it is!
One day, a warmhearted woman accepted an unlucky boy in the street and brought him to her home. She asked the boy to live in the house with her in the future.
The boy was children and often picked up food off the street. Luckily, he met the warmhearted woman.
The family looked after him very much. He felt very proud. Day after day, the boy felt in love with the woman’s daughter. But the woman felt her daughter wasn’t fit to have a date with the boy at this early age. Then she had strong objections and asked the boy not to do that again. But the boy didn’t listened and did the same thing again. Things got worse. The woman asked the boy to leave the house and not to come back any more. The boy felt angry and found a chance to give vent to his feelings.
In the evening, the boy killed the family members with a knife, including the girl that he liked.
It is a terrible thing. Finally, the boy was sentenced.


My mother

I love and admire her very much.
My mother is the most important person in my life. According to my grandmother, I was born in summer. The day is very hot and she bore the hot weather and had the heart to look after me.
My mother is very attentive. She often notices my feelings. When I need somebody to understand me, she is the first one to know; when I need somebody to listen my mood, she is the first one to appear and sit down to listen to me.When I am in trouble and I want somebody’s help, she is the first one get rid of the trouble.
My mother works hard. Not only factory work, but also family work. She doesn’t complain about working so hard. My mother is easygoing. Whenever you come my house, she is the first one to give you a warm welcome and talk to you in a generally way. Every time, I bring some classmates and friends to my home, my mother is very hospitable; she asks them to eat, to drink. Like in their own home. My mother loves me very much. She gives all her best thing to me. I deeply remember when I was seven years old; I was very naughty and often jumped up and down. One day, I climbed my father’s motorbike and felt down, my head was bleeding quickly. My mother was afraid but she was very can headed. She quickly stopped my blood with cotton wool and sent me to the latest hospital. At that time, my mother had the heart to take care of me, so I remembered very soon.
Generally speaking, my mother is the best person in the world; I love her very much forever.


The service in our campus

The center is the student in the campus. Several weeks ago, there have an especial thing in our school, a large number of students complained with the food and the service on our campus. At the same time, all the students on hunger strike. Everybody thought that the campus must be needed improving. In our opinion, the price is higher than we can afford. We students can’t earn much money ourselves at present. We still financially depend on our parents, which is a heavy burden on them. What’s more, some assistant are not patient enough. They often become angry when we make a little mistake while buying food. That brings us unhappiness. Furthermore, the canteen isn’t very clean, when we are eating there, we can see some rice on the table. This is worthy of attentive problems. The service is poor in nowadays. Now, through improvement, the service become well. For me, I hope the price is suitable for our and the service of the canteen can become more and more well.

Considering the customer’ need in summer and winter.

As we know, service is very important in our dairy life. If you do the good job in you product or the service, you will receive the favorable impression from the customers. And the customer will return in the future. For example, the beauty salons of Baina, when you come into the shop the attendant will give you a cool juice as soon as possible in summer; similarly in winter it will give you a bowl of heat soup. This service it can make sure the customers return in the last time. And the customers will be able to make the very high appraisal to this shop and tell this service to other people, and then one past one, the shop will become more and more successful. In a word, this company not only catch can the customer’ need, but also can have high profit. In my opinion, if this company adds the service around the year, including the Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winner, that will catch more customers to come here.


My Blog Strategy

First, the topic should be interesting and easy to remember. Also it can catch other people heart at the first time. So my topic is “smile life”. In my opinion, this topic is short and it is easy to remember.
Second, the important thing is the picture, different kinds of knowledge and the dairy of my life in my blog.
Third,there is a bulletin board, let other people to write the ideas in it. And have a video to let the visitor to enjoy it.
Fourth, I will put the latest news, some humor picture and article on the blog. Give my new idea for my friends.


A happy day with you

Saturday April 7, 2007 Fine
What a happy day with you it is! And it is a special day; I will deeply remember it in my heart forever.
It is the first time I come to the park of Shunfeng shan in Daniang with Allen. I feel happy and exciting. I had never with the smile on my face than before. Thanks for your help—Allen. Because, you put your heart to let me smile; let me enjoy different kinds of delicious food; let me visit the famous place and so on.
In my opinion, Shunfeng shan park is too big. So we didn’t enjoy everywhere. When we enter the gate, I feel the square is very broad, a lot of trees and flowers around there. We took the photos in these beautiful place. Though, I feel very tired when we enjoy the place, I have a good time to take the photos.
About twenty minutes to five, we went to the JUSCO, and then we feel hunger and enjoy the dumpling in YuXiangMiFang. We just meet the largess time: the shop will free to give the Rou Fen to the consumer at the tea time. So we are lucky. We also take the photo at this. For me, the price of the food is so dear than other place, but the service is good.
Allen’s active touch my heart, I feel very exciting. Allen let me enjoy the favorite and delicious food in MinXin. Such as: the double milk, egg and chicken unguis. It is so delicious, and the first time to eat. I feel very happy.
What a happy day it is!

Twenty words funny meaning

A is art, art is long, but life is short.
B is beauty, beauty is only the skin deep.
C is children, children and fools never tell lies.
D is danger, danger is the neighbour of safety.
E is experienced, experience is the best teacher.
F is fact, fact speak lounder than word.
G is gold, gold can't buy everything.
H is honor, honor and profit can't lie together.
I is industry, industry is the parent of success.
J is judge, judge is not according to appearance.
K is knowledge, knowledge is power.
L is love, love can not be sold and bought.
M is man, man is the king of the word.
N is nature, nature is a mirror of human's mind.
O is offense, offense is best defence.
P is patient, patient can ease pain.
Q is quality, quality matters more than quantity.
R is Rom, Rome is not build in one day.
S is speech, speech is the picture of mind.
T is time, time and tide wait for no man.
U is unite, united we stand, divided we fall.
V is virtue, virtue is a jewel of great price.
W is wisdow, wisdow is better than gold and silver.
X is X, X is unknow.
Y is years, years brings wisdow.
Z is zero, zero is the first beginning of everything.



These day, I read a articl about the people own the pet.

With people's life getting better and better, more and more and more people in the city are keeping pets at home, such as dogs, cats and so on. Most of these pets are very expensive.They cost at least several thousand yuan,even more. Some are so expensive that they even cost more than ten thousand yuan.

In my opinion, it is not worthwhile for us to keep these pets. First of all, they are too expensive to buy. And it will take us a lot of time and energy to take care of these animals. Now some shops for the pets to become beautiful were set up. That mean need large money on the pets. In the country, some people are still so poor that they don’t have enough money to send their children to go to school. In the city, a lot of people are still out of work and they don’t have enough money to support their families. So it is much better to give the money to these people. Don’t you think so?

How she succeeded

Lisa, a good friend of mine and she even was my classment in high school. Now, she own the No.1 scholarship and she was a chief of student union last April in her school. When I know this news, I feel very happy with her. All the students in her school admire her for her success and wonder how she succeeded.
As I known, the most important thing is that Lisa knows what she is studying for. She has a strong desire for knowledge and good habit of studying. She studies hard and does well in all subjects. She never gives up when she meets with difficulties in her studies.
Lisa takes an active part in physical training, so she is always healthy. She likes buying and reading books. In her way she teachers herself a lot of science knowledge.
Lisa is a sociable girl and have much passion on her work. She always help other people at any time, not only the students, but also the teachers. And take part in the organize to arrange the active.
After I heard this news, I feel very happy, also admire her very much. Now, I decide to learn from her in the furture.


Monday March 12, 2007 Fine
Today is Tree Planting Day. Do you ready to do something for this special day. In our school a large number of students and teachers plant some trees. Look, they try their best to plant. The sweat likes water, flowing on the floor.
Do you know whyplant trees and how to plant.
Trees are usually planting in spring because it's warmer. And the tree is easy to grow up.
Here are the planting procedures: First of all, make sure that the ground for planting a tree must be just right-- neither too wet nor too dry. Then dig a hole with your hoe or spade. The hole must be enough for the tree, but the hole shuold not be too deep. Thirdly, pput the tree in the hole, but make it straight. Then put the earth back in the hole again. Push it down hard with your foot several times. Last of all, water it well and as often as possible.


The idea to enhance presentation by Blogging

Blog is a very massive place for us to communication. In my opinion, there are some ideas to enhance the lecture presentation by Blogs. First, we would upload most of the course lectures on Video; it is easy to let everybody to learn from it. Second, we would find some interesting thing in the blog and we can write different kinds of knowledge in it. We can share the information with each other. Especially, over the class we can write down the main knowledge record in it. And somebody can give their ideas or advices in it, in this way we can study together and know more about how to improve in the future. Third, you can write down the question in the blog, let us discussion when have class by the blog. Fourth, we can use the link to visit other website to study, find some useful knowledge and publish it in the blog , let other people to share. The important think is the content is can attract everybody eyeballs, you should use the simple, clear and concise word to expression your ideas. Fifth, we can set up a common mail box in the blog, it can let everybody to let their review in it, and let the teacher or other people to answer.

My First Day on Campus

I took the bus ans came to the campus for the first time. I was curious and surprised to see everything before my eyes. In this the campus(Shunde Polytechnic) I will stay for three years? I could not help wondering. It looks like a fairyland!
Kinds of flowers are surrounding the school gate. Lines of trees and bushes are standing on the sides of roads. Layers of classical and modern buildings hide themselves among the green trees. There are many special building, such as the Hall calls LiangQiuJu, ZhengYuTong,LizhaoJi and so on. Groups of birds are singing happily on the trees. A number of butterflies are dancing freely among the bushes. A beautiful lake lies right beside the teaching building. What a nice picture this is ! I was deepluy attracted by the view.
As I walked on, I felt somewhat puzzlesd. The campus was so big and everything around looked so strange to me that I even did not know where to go or what to do. Just then, a girl came to my help with a smile on her face. She guided me to the reception place. Then we walked, talkiing happily. She told me a lot about Shunde Polytechnic. I felt so happy.
Almost at the same time a kind of strange feeling struck me. After all, it was the first time for me to leave far away my dear parents.(At this before I always lived with my parents when I went to school.) I would have new teachers, new classmates, new friends and new life. And I would have new challenges as well. Everything must be quite new and different in my life. Thinking of all this, I become a litter nervous. But I told myself that I should pluck up courage to deal with everything well.
This is my first day on campus. It is really unusual for me.